Break Excel Spreadsheet Password

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eSoftTools Excel spreadsheet password breaker tool is one of the best application for all MS Office users who need to open their locked files like Excel, Word and Access. Yes, this is true that Excel password breaker master key is eligible to unlock multiple files of MS Office against lost or forgotten password. It works for all Windows users and enables to open fully or partially lost password.

Download Free Excel Worksheet Breaker Tool

If you want to break Excel spreadsheet password by using reliable third party tool then you are at right place because here you will get demo for password recovery by removing first three characters of your lost password. After that, if you want to unlock completely your spreadsheet then you must acquire licensed key.


Some Unique Features of Excel Password Cracker Software

  • Word, Excel and Access file password recovery
  • Remove xls, xlsm, xla, xlam, xltm, xlsx and xlsb password
  • Works on all versions of MS Office and Windows versions too
  • Safe and secure tool for removing password protection from locked file

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